Sheffield 10 July 2015

Sheffield has a vibrant open data community and a council that is creating the environment and infrastructure to enable the benefits of open data to be realised. This event is about showcasing what has been achieved, in Sheffield and further afield, including the open data publishing platform provided by Socrata at and the Air Quality Plus project run by Sheffield’s Better with Data Society.

Purpose of the event

To engage and energise decision-makers working in or with the council by illustrating the benefits of opening up data, and explaining how, through publishing open data, better outcomes can be delivered for residents, businesses, voluntary and public services.

Who should attend?

This event has been designed for service and project managers; strategic policy officers from public and third sector providers and partners in Sheffield; Service Managers, Policy Officers, Chief Information Officers, information and data officers, academics and other specialists in Sheffield, Yorkshire & Humber, and across the country with an interest in open data.


This is a free-to-attend event, follow the link for registration


Sheffield Town Hall, S1 2HH

Event Chair

John Curtis, Head of Information and Knowledge Management, Sheffield City Council


0930  Registration

1000  Welcome: John Curtis

1005  The strategic imperative for embracing open data: John Mothersole, Chief Executive, Sheffield City Council

1015  Making a difference with data case studies: Birmingham housing release of data project - Vicky Sargent (Boilerhouse) and Nick Booth (Podnosh); Doing Data Differently? A community-based approach - Jon Poole (Bath Hacked); Air Quality+: end-to-end open data engagement & beyond - Danny Antrobus & Ian Ibbotson (Better with Data)

1100  Local government and policy context: Why open data matters to local government officers (Tim Adams, LGA); Connecting policy to impact (Ellen Broad, Open Data Institute); Open data in digital services (Catherine Howe, Capita).

1145  Roundtable/workshop introductions

1150  Open data and public sector transformation: Smart cities: connected transformation and innovation in Sheffield (Sharon Squires, Sheffield Executive Board); Sheffield Smart Lab: addressing urban challenges (Mark Saunders, Ferrovial Services); What is a smart city? (Paul Connell, ODI Leeds); Data-driven service innovation (Jamie Whyte, Trafford Innovation & Intelligence Lab); Stimulating data-driven and challenge-led social innovation (Ed Parkes, Nesta).

1300  LUNCH

1400  Roundtables/workshops: Barriers to open data (Vicky Sargent, Boilerhouse); A beginner's guide to using the Socrata platform (Rose Mortada, Socrata); Generating data insights (Jag Goraya, Better with Data); Open data for democratic engagement (Catherine Howe, Capita); Open data support and initiatives in the Council (John Curtis, Sheffield City Council); Creating engaged users through open data (Simon Cookson G2G3 Digital).

1500  Roundtables feedback

1515  Next steps: Open data culture: business as usual (Jag Goraya, Better with Data); Communicating with open data (Eddie Coates-Madden, Sheffield City Council)

1550  Roundup and concluding remarks: Aline Hayes, Director of Business change and Information Solutions, Sheffield City Council


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