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Top 5 Predictions for Government and Public Sector Customer Service

Almost a year ago, I made some predictions for what would take place in government and public sector customer service in 2015. Now that… More >

How Surrey County Council achieved four stars from Better Connected

Following another commendation for digital services, Surrey County Council's Web and Digital Services Manager, Louise Halloway, highlights… More >

Why voice biometrics should be embraced by government

Benefits range from improving productivity and customer experience right through to tightening security and combating fraud within organisations. More >

Ofcom’s Connected Nations 2015: 10Mbit/s minimum for good service

The new report shows that broadband coverage and quality has improved since last year, but is this enough to keep up rising demand? More >

The digital skills gap in government

The National Audit Office's report uncovers misconceptions about the role and significance of digital transformation and ongoing problems… More >

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