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Don't undervalue the unintended consequences of opening up data

There are many reasons for opening up data, economic, political, social. But serendipitous outcomes, unforeseen and unintended, can be… More >

When data is bad for business

A new report from the Information Commissioner's Office highlights a wider underlying issue concerning data within businesses. More >

VIDEO: Neil Mackin talking about Making a Difference with Data

VIDEO: Capita Analytics Director Neil Mackin talking about the importance of open data and using data in the local environment as the relationship… More >

VIDEO: Money for councils "gone & not coming back"

VIDEO: Chris Naylor, Barnet's Chief Operating Officer looks at the 'nuclear' challenges facing UK local authorities & the difference a… More >

VIDEO: Outsourcers challenged to revisit contracts & release data

VIDEO: Emer Coleman challenges the large systems integrators holding lengthy IT contracts with local authorities to enable the release… More >

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