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AnswerTime® No2 - Identity Assurance & Attribute Exchange

Attribute exchange can be a way of saving money for both the private and public purse and a way of reducing friction in an increasingly… More >

Is attribute exchange the key to digital savings for local public services?

Enabling people to transact with public services online will bring substantial savings, hence the call for services that are ‘digital… More >

Local government expenses claims: managing the data

Derek Brown, transactions manager at Northumberland County Council, discusses how councils can more effectively manage their expenses policies. More >

Unlocking the 'big data opportunity' for the public sector

Jason Ward, UKI North, Scotland Ireland Director at EMC, discusses a new Big Data League report and how the public sector is faring against… More >

Keeping quality code at the centre of government

In January this year, Coverity submitted a series of freedom of information (FOI) requests to all the UK’s central government departments,… More >

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