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Why the UK government must adopt Open Document Format

Today is Document Freedom Day. As of November 2012, all government bodies have had to adhere to Open Standards Principles; an agreed set… More >

What might 2015’s volatile politics hold for tech?

You’ve probably heard – you may even have begun to tire of the wall to wall coverage – but on Thursday 7th May, Britain… More >

Electoral Battlespace: data facts or fiction?

The electoral battlespace is starting to take shape. Campaigners are busily debating the political landscape. More >

Sense charity builds CRM data solution to benefit staff and users

Friendly, accessible, impartial information and data is a vital part of support for deafblind people and those with sensory impairments. More >

Information assurance and attribute exchange is key to digital by default

The next InformationDaily.TV AnswerTime® recording 4 Feb and free to view on 8th unpicks the personal data security and data handling… More >

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