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VIDEO: Leeds City Council community driven Open Data initiatives

Ian Jones talking about Leeds community driven open data projects at the Making a Difference With Data (MADwDATA) launch event More >

How to avoid becoming a victim of the next cyber-attack

Most of us read about the recent cyber-attack suffered by eBay when the auction site was forced to request that its 233 million customers… More >

Big Data strategy to revolutionise infectious disease diagnosis

Public Health England have drawn together advanced data tools to better their diagnosis and surveillance of life-threatening infectious diseases. More >

How public sector organisations can manage the pace of change

The pace of change in today’s IT world is moving faster than ever before, but with more options and expectations, large enterprise… More >

Is there a point when customer engagement goes too far?

Businesses are keen to offer a more personalised experience when engaging with their customers. But when does this engagement start to… More >

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