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Openness and Open Data - "A new us" TEDxBrum2014

Judith Carr attended TEDxBrum. She was a little surprised and mightily pleased to find so many speakers talking on themes related to open data. More >

‘Digital only’ - what you don’t see is what you don’t get

'Digital only' strategies are marred by the lack of a contact centre to respond when a customer experience goes wrong. Governments and… More >

How the NHS can sweat its data assets

Making the most of existing assets is a must for healthcare leaders, and technology and data are some of the most valuable ones they possess. More >

Digitising the public sector to improve the lives of citizens

The UK government has clearly recognised the key role that digital can play in fuelling the country’s economic recovery and, as such,… More >

AnswerTime® No2 - Identity Assurance & Attribute Exchange

Attribute exchange can be a way of saving money for both the private and public purse and a way of reducing friction in an increasingly… More >

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